JEFFERSONVILLE – The City of Jeffersonville is on track to save more than $12,000 in energy costs at city hall thus year, according to Building Commissioner and Building Authority President Larry Wallace.

Wallace applauds the city’s Building Authority – which oversees maintenance at city hall – for its decision to participate in Duke Energy’s Smart Saver Incentive Program, which has resulted in the savings.

The Smart Saver program rewards businesses that replace existing equipment like lighting, HVAC systems and pumps with more high-efficiency products. Duke says its program helps businesses in multiple ways. First, the Smart Saver program allows businesses to improve their bottom line by reducing energy consumption and, second, the Smart Saver incentives help lower the cost of the initial upgrades.

In the City of Jeffersonville’s case, lights proved to be the key to long-term savings. Wallace said more than $3,000 in rebates from Duke helped absorb some of the initial expense associated with work and equipment to make the upgrades possible.

“There was some upfront expense to make these changes,” Wallace said. “But the Building Authority saw it as an investment and something that is going to keep paying off in the long run.”

“Some of the changes were as simple as putting sensors in the stairwells and some hallways so those lights are triggered when someone is in that area instead of burning 24 hours a day, 7 days a week,” Wallace explained. More energy efficient bulbs and fixtures were installed both inside and outside of city hall.

Wallace said participation in the Smart Saver program complements Mayor Mike Moore’s emphasis on looking for ways to help the city be more efficient with taxpayers’ dollars.

The initial costs associated with the upgrades are expected to be recovered completely through savings within 14 months.

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