Two young people are getting an inside look into what makes their local government tick. The City of Jeffersonville implemented a new internship program with the Mayor’s Office. Chase Arthur, IU Bloomington graduate, and Evan Shive, senior at Jeffersonville High School, are the City’s first interns.Training Development

Mayor Mike Moore said, “I’m excited for the future of Jeffersonville and look forward to working with our new interns to improve this wonderful City. We started this internship program to expose young people to the inner workings of our City and help train our future leaders.”

Chase graduated Jeffersonville High Scholl in 2009 and earned a Bachelor of Arts from Indiana University Bloomington in May of 2014, double majoring in History and Political Science. During his time as intern, Chase hopes to gain experience within his field of study and help the city he grew up in.

“I find the ability to affect change in a visible manner to be one of the most appealing aspects of public service,” Chase said. “Being able to help the city you live in, and to improve the lives of its citizens, no matter what the scale, is something that excites me and makes me want to come in each and every day.”
Evan Shive was selected to be an intern in the Mayor’s office by his school counselor and jumped at the opportunity. While he is still deciding what he would like to do with his career, politics have always been of interest to him. “I plan to get experience working in all parts of the local government and create background knowledge of what makes a city run,” Evan said.

The new interns are already full of ideas on how to improve their home town. So what’s the most important issue facing Jeffersonville today?

“The Mayor and his administration are focused on planning and managing the unprecedented economic and spatial growth Jeffersonville is now experiencing and the expansion of the city’s infrastructure,” Chase said. “The Ohio River bridges project is already attracting both new residents and new businesses to Jeffersonville.”

Chase believes in proactively growing the infrastructure of the city to allow for future growth. “If infrastructure is expanded and upgraded across the city, the city can grow in new areas, while simultaneously revitalizing the old.”

Evan agrees on the importance of preparing for future growth. “I believe that the most important issue Jeff is facing today is getting ready and preparing for what the new bridge is going to bring to us, in the sense of more businesses, jobs, and, in turn, permanent families.”

The City of Jeffersonville welcomes Chase and Evan to the internship program.

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