The City of Jeffersonville has notified a downtown pain management clinic that it must cease operations immediately since it violates the local zoning code.  The action comes a day after the immediate suspension of the pain clinic doctor’s license by the Indiana Medical Licensing Board.

The medical board suspended Dr. Leah Marlow’s license after concluding that her prescribing practices are well outside the boundaries of what is considered safe and appropriate.  The Indiana Attorney General alleges Marlow has prescribed more than 8,0000 prescriptions for 3,489 patients – with more than 95 percent receiving oxycodone and diazepam.

The City of Jeffersonville has allowed the clinic to operate even though an ordinance was passed in October regulating the location of such facilities.  The Clark County Wellness Clinic was allowed to operate at 526 East Maple Street with a grandfather status.

“With the suspension of the physician’s medical license, the clinic has lost its grandfather status,” said Jeffersonville City Attorney Les Merkley.  “It is no longer a legal nonconforming use under the city’s zoning code.  If they continue to operate, they are doing so at their own peril.”

If the clinic fails to close within 15 business days, the City will begin assessing fines for operating in violation of the zoning laws.  Additionally, the City will commence legal proceedings asking for a court order to close the business.

“The City of Jeffersonville will take the necessary steps to ensure this clinic shuts down,” said Mayor Mike Moore.  “The clinic should close its doors immediately.  If it doesn’t, the city will move forward with legal action.  We are not going to tolerate the operation of an illegal business that the Attorney General considers a clear and immediate danger to the public health and safety.

“My administration was vigilant in having our zoning laws changed to address the issue of pain clinics.  With the doctor’s license suspension, we can now enforce those laws against this facility,” added Moore.

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