The City of Jeffersonville is one of four recipients of a 2014 Primacy of Place Community Award presented by Ball State University. The award recognizes Jeffersonville’s innovative approaches to improving quality of life for residents, visitors and businesses. The presence of talent is the single most important ingredient in sustaining local economic development and quality of place is a primary factor in a community’s ability to attract and retain talent.
Ball State AwardBuilding Better Communities (BBC), the outreach and engagement division at Ball State University has awarded the City of Jeffersonville’s Big Four Bridge/Big Four Station the 2014 Primacy of Place Community Award along with three other fellow winners. The award recognizes Jeffersonville’s exemplary approach to improving quality of life for residents, businesses and visitors.
“A community’s investment in quality-of-place is one of the top-drivers of economic development within that community,” said Bill Davis, Executive Director of Indiana’s Office of Community and Rural Affairs. It helps attract a talented workforce as well as cultivate increased interest for new businesses to move to the community.
“The focused effort on community engagement was an impressive component of this project, specifically as it relates to historic preservation,” said Dick Heupel, Director of Economic and Community
Development, Ball State’s Building Better Communities. “The Big Four Bridge and Big Four Station project further promotes the economic vibrancy and vi of the downtown and surrounding neighborhoods.”
The City of Jeffersonville and its 2014 fellow winners were chosen by a panel of representatives from the Association of Indiana Counties, Ball State University, the Indiana Arts Commission, Indiana Department of Transportation, the Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority, the Indiana Office of Community and Rural Affairs and the Indiana Office of Tourism Development.

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