Thunder2City of Jeffersonville Fire Chief Eric Hedrick and Police Chief Chris Grimm have issued the following information in regard to Thunder Over Louisville security procedures in Jeffersonville.

“I want to assure the public that law enforcement and all emergency agencies in Jeffersonville are working together to ensure the highest level of security at this event, as we have for many years, in conjunction with more than fourteen federal, state and local agencies, including City of Jeffersonville Police, Fire and local EMS, as well as City of Clarksville Police and Fire, the Clark and Floyd County Sheriff’s Departments, Indiana State Police, Indiana DNR, United States Coast Guard, Indiana National Guard.  Every officer and responder is fully briefed, fully trained and fully prepared to respond to an emergency incident, including the highly unlikely event of mass casualties.  We have had security protocols and emergency response contingency plans in place for all public events, including Thunder, for many years and will continue to execute these existing plans and procedures which provide our residents and guests of our city with the highest degree of safety, security and emergency responsiveness possible, ” said City of Jeffersonville Fire Chief Eric Hedrick, who serves as the Overall Incident Commander for Thunder.

In response to the alert issued by the National Terrorism Advisory System of The United States Department of Homeland Security following the Boston Marathon bombing, the City of Jeffersonville is adding more personnel at Thunder to increase the security presence.  This year, we have made some personnel adjustments that will allow for more Law Enforcement to be in the event area. 

“This will allow us to have more Police presence in the event area at Thunder.  Our security protocols have been slightly adjusted per threat advisory, but the general public should expect things to look like Thunders of the past so bring the family down to the river and enjoy the day,” said Chief Hedrick. 

“Chief Hedrick and I work together to make sure that this city is safe. He is the Overall Incident Commander for Thunder because of his District 9 status, and the way the incident command structure works on a federal level.  Police and fire have worked very hard to ensure the safety of everyone who will attend Thunder Over Louisville, ” said Police Chief Grimm.

Chief Hedrick also advises that the Indiana Department of Homeland Security, (District 9) has paid for two new All-Terrain Vehicles for The City of Jeffersonville to use for Thunder.  “These new ATV’s were not paid for with any City of Jeffersonville funds; they were completely funded by Indiana Department of Homeland Security.  Each vehicle seats four and includes emergency response kits.  They will be utilized at Thunder and at all River Stage events to give our Fire and EMS personnel more mobility and faster response time at public events,” said Chief Hedrick.

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