The purchasing of goods and services within the City of Jeffersonville is regulated by Indiana Code and local ordinance.

City Council Ordinance 2008-OR-022 establishes a purchase order system for the City of Jeffersonville, which requires that three or more quotes be obtained for non-emergency purchases of more than $1,000.

Indiana Code 5-22-7 requires a competitive bidding process for purchases of more than $75,000, however, Indiana Code 5-22-6 exempts the purchase of professional services — such as work performed by accountants, architects, engineers and lawyers — from the bidding process. Under state law, bids must be awarded to the lowest and most responsive bidder, regardless of whom the bidder is.

For day-to-day items, most purchasing decisions are made by individual department heads.

RFP’s and RFQ’s from the City of Jeffersonville are regularly listed in the newspaper.