Everyone has heard the saying “if it’s not broke, don’t fix it …” There may have been a time when Jeffersonville was broken, but it’s not anymore.

Since 2012, we’ve witnessed big changes in Jeff. We’ve watched as our city has grown and become one of the best places in the state to work and raise a family. It’s an exciting time in our hometown and we are definitely a city on the move.
Last year alone we took some pretty big steps toward making Jeffersonville a better place for everyone:
Six thousand jobs in four years, announcements of $100 million in commercial and retail investment on the east end of Hwy 62, a new downtown marina, plans for another $35 million retail project on Veterans Parkway, plans for more than $50 million in development at the corner of 10th and Spring streets and Court Avenue and Mulberry Street … That’s just a recap of some of the biggest developments in 2015.
How do you top that?
Everything we’ve done in the last four years has been accomplished by focusing on five specific goals:
(1) Improving quality of lifer
(2) Protecting neighborhoods
(3) Growing the local economy
(4) Keeping the city fiscally strong
(5) Planning for the future
That’s been our plan for success in Jeffersonville so far and it’s definitely working, so we’re not going to change a thing.
Already in 2016:
• We’ve put a plan into motion to create residential development right in the epicenter of the excitement downtown.
• Seen plans for the development of the city’s gateway start to take shape.
• Embarked on the first phase of setting up an art district in Jeffersonville.
• Welcomed several businesses as they continue to set up shop in our city, staking their claim on our future here.
• Seen progress on a couple of major developments that will spread the success and excitement of downtown to the north side of Court Avenue.
• Entered a new phase in our plans for the revitalization of 10th Street.
• Approved plans for a road improvement project on Holmans Lane.
All of that (and more) and it’s only April! As we head into the busy season, things are moving full speed ahead. And the to-do list in Jeff just keeps growing. A lot more opportunities are on the horizon and Jeff’s best days are still ahead.
So many people have come together to help Jeffersonville achieve these successes. I’ve never been more proud of my hometown or the people who are dedicated to making it the best city in Indiana. I am extremely excited about the leadership potential on our city council. And I am thrilled to have the chance to work with a group that shares my objective of putting Jeffersonville first.
I think you’re going to start to see that with all of us working together, there isn’t anything we can’t do.

Mayor Mike Moore