CodeRED 2The City of Jeffersonville requests citizens register for CodeRED, an emergency notification system now implemented in Jeffersonville. CodeRED notifies residents of imminent threats to health and safety via phone, text message, email or social media.

Safety Director, Amir Mousavi, from the Office of Safety Management oversees the CodeRED system. “We’d like as many people to sign up as possible. It’s one of the primary tools we can use to notify people of emergency situations. It’s designed to protect life, property and environment.”CodeRED Weather Warning

“The new system will give us a valuable tool to better communicate with the residents when facing emergency situations,” said Mayor Mike Moore. “It seems having an adequate emergency notification system is an important step in protecting the public.”

The system’s state of the art technology will communicate emergency messages to Jeffersonville residents who have registered to provide CodeRED with their contact information. CodeRED will provide messages via a text, a phone call, an email and a Facebook message to citizens who have registered with CodeRED who live within the areas of Jeffersonville that are effected. The reach of the CodeRED notifications can be as broad as the entire city, or as specific as a one block area.

In addition to emergency notifications, residents can opt to receive severe weather warnings such as tornado, severe thunderstorm and flash flood.

Funding for CodeRED was unanimously approved by City Council. Jeffersonville is among several jurisdictions in the area to use the system including Louisville, Clarksville and Charlestown.

Jeffersonville residents can enroll to receive CodeRED community notifications at and register to receive mobile alerts at


CONTACT: AMIR MOUSAVI (502-795-4162)

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