The Jeffersonville Fire Department recently participated in the Indiana Department of Homeland Security‘s Without Warning – a full-scale disaster response exercise at the Muscatatuck Urban Training Center.

23 Firefighters from JFD, along with over 700 responders from 4 states participated in the 4 day event included response scenarios such as a flood, F3 tornado, plane crash, prison riot, and other disasters. Participants included state and local emergency responders and incident managers, as well as private sector partners, who practiced coordinating response efforts for disasters.

“These exercises are an important and fundamental way Indiana practices disaster response plans and procedures,” said Joe Wainscott, executive director of the Indiana Department of Homeland Security. “The ability to build relationships across jurisdictions now will help with collaboration during a real-life event.”

Jeffersonville Fire Department Chief Eric Hedrick also serves as the District 9 Task Force Commander.

“The tornadoes that ravaged Southern Indiana last spring are a prime example of why local agencies must be prepared to work together in a unified way at a moment’s notice, and under the most unforseen or critical circumstances,” said Chief Hedrick. “When a major incident occurs, one department’s resources are often not enough, even with the support of neighboring agencies.”

Photos from the Without Warning Exercise may be viewed online here.

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