Jeffersonville Mayor Mike Moore has announced his support for a new emergency mass communication system.  The system, called CodeRED, would notify residents of imminent threats to health and safety via phone, text message, email or social media.

“We lack an ability to effectively notify residents about emergency situations,” said Moore.  “This system will help us ensure that Jeffersonville residents are aware of immediate threats.  It will create a direct link between our public safety officials and citizens.”

With annual costs of between $26,000 and $36,000, the system’s state of the art technology will communicate emergency messages to Jeffersonville residents who have registered to provide CodeRED with their contact information.  CodeRED will provide messages via a text, a phone call, an email and a Facebook message to citizens who have registered with CodeRED who live within the areas of Jeffersonville that are effected. The reach of the CodeRED notifications can be as broad as the entire city, or as specific as a one block area.

“The new system will give us a valuable tool to better communicate with the residents when facing emergency situations,” said Moore, who is proposing the City Council fund the CodeRED from the Local Option Income Tax (LOIT) funds collected for public safety.  “It seems having an adequate emergency notification system is an important step in protecting the public.”

Jeffersonville will use the CodeRED system to notify citizens about emergencies such as:

•             Severe Weather – severe weather warning notifications will be issued within seconds after being issued by the National Weather Service. Weather notifications are issued for the immediate threats of severe thunderstorm warnings, flash flood warnings and tornado warnings.

•             Drinking water contamination

•             Utility outage

•             Evacuation notice and route

•             Missing person

•             Fires or floods

•             Bomb threat

•             Hostage situation

•             Chemical spill or gas leak

•             Other emergency incidents where rapid and accurate notification is essential

Moore also is requesting the City Council establish a Department of Risk and Safety Management to work with employees, first responders, residents on public safety initiatives and oversee CodeRED system.  The City presently has a Safety Director, Amir Mousavi, within the Department of Human Resources.

“With a separate department, Amir can have more resources to focus on improving our emergency and safety plans,” said Moore.  “Amir has vast experience in public safety risk management.  He was hired with the long-term goal of establishing a separate department to handle employee and public safety and expanding the scope of the safety director’s duties and responsibilities.  The new department would monitor and assess employee safety and workplace training while working closely with our police and fire to ensure we are adequately prepared for any disaster or emergency that would impact our city.”

CONTACT:  AMIR MOUSAVI (502-795-4162)


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