Jeffersonville Mayor Mike Moore announced the establishment of the Commission for Sensible Growth and Development – a citizen advisory group charged with reviewing a recent proposal to amend the city’s zoning code that would have allowed for denser residential development.

“Many residents have expressed their concern about how the proposed zoning changes may impact their property or neighborhood,” said Moore referring to smaller lot sizes and reduced property line setbacks.  “This commission will help ensure these changes are in sync with the desires of most citizens. While we want Jeff to remain a pro-growth community, we don’t want zoning regulations to negatively impact neighborhoods either.”

The proposed zoning changes had been scheduled to go before the City Council on Tuesday.  However, Moore has directed the city’s planning department to remove the proposal from council consideration until the commission has made its recommendations.

“These proposed changes will shape how our city grows and develops over the next decade.  We shouldn’t move too fast.  Let’s get it right the first time even if it means it may take longer,” said Moore who said the 7 member commission will consist of residents throughout the city who will work closely with the city’s planning and zoning staff.  “We don’t want our zoning regulations to be burdensome or hinder residential development, but we shouldn’t turn a deaf ear to the property owners who may be the most effected by the proposed changes.”

“This group of citizens will report directly to the Mayor’s office.  There’s no time table for their work.  But my administration will not proceed any further on these proposed zoning changes until I have this commission’s recommendations,” added Moore.


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