Jeffersonville Mayor Mike Moore has submitted to the City Council a balanced budget proposal for 2018 that funds his continued focus on improving the city’s infrastructure.

“As we continue to grow and develop, making our city more commuter and pedestrian friendly is a priority of my administration,” said Moore.  “We are investing in our future when we improve our streets and sidewalks.”

Moore is proposing spending nearly $4.4 million on improvements on Spring Street from Riverside Drive to Eastern Boulevard including widening, resurfacing, street lighting and sidewalks.  Additionally, next year’s budget includes $1 million for new sidewalks on New Chapel Road from Old Tay Bridge to the entrance of Crystal Springs subdivision with another $600,000 spent on new sidewalks elsewhere in the city.

“The Spring Street corridor from the river to Eastern Boulevard is in the heart of our downtown.  It’s long overdue for improvements,” said Moore.  “Sidewalks along New Chapel will make the road safer for pedestrians and bicyclists in an area that was annexed into the city several years ago.”

Overall, the budget proposal funds more than $54.4 million from $56.4 million in revenue.  It includes raises for city employees of at least 3%.

“It’s a balanced budget that is fiscally responsible.  The budget doesn’t dip into our cash reserves,” said Moore who noted that the city’s rainy day fund remains a healthy $4.6 million. “We’re funding the city’s basic services while still investing in our city’s future. And we’re doing it without raising property taxes.”

The largest increase in proposed funding is for public safety with the budget funding newly approved police and fire contracts.  “We have a very professional police and fire departments that our city should be proud of.  This budget shows a commitment to ensuring our first responders have the support and resources they deserve so our citizens are safe,” said Moore.

Moore highlighted the work of his Homeless Task Force as the catalyst for $75,000 in the budget to help fund the Homeless Coalition.  “We have many needs in our community and addressing the homeless and the shortage of affordable housing is a significant need,” said Moore.  “One of the many recommendations from the Task Force was more financial support from the city.”


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