Jeffersonville Mayor Mike Moore has submitted to the City Council a budget proposal for 2017 that would hire six new police officers and establish a new greenspace maintenance crew.

“This budget is balanced and is revenue neutral,” said Moore. The total proposed budget is $49.2 million with another $9 million surplus. “And we did it without cutting any city services or raising taxes.”

Moore said his top budget priority was to put more police on the street by hiring six new police officers with existing tax revenues. The new officers will cost about $609,000 total per year.

“Public safety is always paramount,” said Moore who unveiled his plan in 2014 to hire more police officers. “As our city grows and develops, there are more demands from law enforcement.   We need to ensure that our neighborhoods remain safe.”

Police Chief Kenny Kavanaugh agreed with Moore calling the budget proposal “a big step in the right direction” to help Jeffersonville meet the minimum standards for a city its size. Jeffersonville currently has 81 police officers. Meanwhile, state and FBI standards recommend Jeffersonville, with a population of 47,000, have 94 officers.

The budget proposal also fully funds a new Greenspace Maintenance Crew that will help maintain all city parks, other public greenspace including medians and new roundabouts near the I-256 interchange.

“In the past we’ve had various departments maintain public greenspace. This budget proposal consolidates that responsibility into the parks department,” said Moore. “This move has been talked about for years. It makes sense both fiscally and administratively.”

The new Greenspace Maintenance Crew budget is about $400,000. It includes a supervisor and four general laborers and some seasonal laborers. New equipment and supplies will also be purchased for the crew.

Moore noted the budget proposal was a result of partnering with the city council. “It’s team work that makes the difference. This budget reflects hard work and cooperation.”

Council President Matt Owen echoed Moore’s sentiments. “This is a fiscally responsible budget. It’s obvious the administration has worked hard in submitting a realistic balanced budget,” said Owen. “We can accomplish so much more when we work together as a city.”

Last year, an independent study found that Jeffersonville was fiscally strong compared to other cities in the state. Moore said the 2017 budget proposal reaffirms his administration’s commitment to ensuring Jeffersonville remains fiscally strong.

“Our city is growing. This budget shows we can live within our means while still investing in our future and improving the quality of life for everyone,” said Moore.


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