Steamboat 1Mayor Moore today vetoed an ordinance that would require residents to purchase pins for admittance into the upcoming Steamboat Days Festival.  “We have enough money in the budget to pay for this year’s festival,” said Moore.  “We’ve received private funding as well.  There is no need to raise additional funds from the sale of pins for Steamboat Days Festival.”

The ordinance authorizes the Jeffersonville parks Department to sell pins for the festival at a price of $5.00 per pin to be used as access to the various events of the Steamboat Days Festival including concerts.

The City has nearly $100,000 available for the festival which is expected to cost about $85,000.  The funds include money from various sources such as the Jeffersonville Redevelopment Commission, the Jeffersonville Urban Enterprise Zone and private donations.

“The festival is paid for.  It’s unfair to the taxpayers of Jeffersonville to pay twice for the festival,” said Moore.  “People pay their taxes and expect something in return.  This festival should be free and open to the public for everyone to enjoy.  We should not charge admission to a community event like Steamboat Days.”

The Steamboat Days Festival has been defunct for many years.  This year the City is reviving the festival on October 17 through October 19 in conjunction with the Belle of Louisville’s centennial.

“We have so many exciting things happening in Jeffersonville.  The Steamboat Days Festival will give us the chance to showcase our downtown,” said Moore.  “We shouldn’t be making it more difficult for people to explore our downtown.  Charging admission to the festival doesn’t help our local businesses and restaurants.”

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