The Mayor’s Office of Community Outreach (MOCO) uses existing resources to dedicate itself to working with constituents and community groups so that their needs are addressed.  MOCO also helps ensure that city government and particularly, the Mayor’s Office remains available and accessible to the constituents it serves.

By working with other city departments, MOCO focuses on providing city services in a cost efficient and timely manner.  The primary functions of MOCO include:

  • Collaborating with citizens and community groups to provide information to residents on city services and to quickly address community issues and concerns
  • Interface with city departments to facilitate complaint resolution in a timely and efficient manner
  • Develop community outreach projects and organize neighborhood meetings to enhance the lives of the citizens of Jeffersonville

MOCO was established by Mayor Mike Moore.  “Improving the quality of life for all residents means listening to their concerns,” said Moore.  “It also means keeping residents informed of city services while working to resolve any issues they may be facing.”