HomelessOn Wednesday, July 31st, the Jeffersonville Redevelopment Commission approved $15,000.00 to help fund a Ten-Year Plan to End Homelessness.  The request was made by Jeffersonville Mayor Mike Moore and the Homelessness Task Force that he established earlier this year.

The funding will be utilized to hire an independent consultant to work with the Task Force and other stakeholders to develop a ten- year strategic plan to address the homelessness issue in Jeffersonville.  The objective is to make recommendations about strengthening the continuum of care that exists and explore other resources.

“I established the Task Force to take politics out of the homelessness issue.  Government isn’t the solution.  But we can help bring everyone together to find ways to make our community more receptive to the issues facing the unfortunate in our city.  We as a community must work together to find ways to address the problem long-term,” said Mayor Mike Moore.  “Much of our economic success in our downtown depends on how we approach the homelessness issue over the next few years.  The first step is to formulate a long-term plan to give us a roadmap as to how we get this done.  I look forward to participating in that process and reviewing the final recommendations.”

The Jeffersonville Homelessness Task Force is also seeking $15,000.00 from the Jeffersonville City Council for the project.

“I encourage the City Council to join me and the Redevelopment Commission in supporting the Task Force in their endeavor,” said Moore.  “The Task Force has worked hard the last few months in assessing the problem.  The problem is bigger than the Mayor’s office.  I formed the Task Force so that we can work through the issue as a community.  Now is the time to move forward with a long-term plan.  We must have a coherent community strategy to end homelessness and not just a band aid approach.”

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