homelesslogoThe Jeffersonville Homelessness Task Force (JHTF) is seeking proposals for a study of the nature and extent of homelessness in Clark, Floyd and Harrison counties in Southern Indiana and a strategic plan to end homelessness in the next ten years.  The plan is funded by the City of Jeffersonville Common Council and the Board of Redevelopment. The JHTF is a consortium of volunteers. 

Eligible applicants are the following: Private contractor(s) eligible to provide services in the United States of America; Not-for-profit entities with a determination letter provided under section 501 of the United States Internal Revenue Code; and, Public entities, including local government and educational institutions.  The study will be overseen by the JCHTF. Financial oversight will be provided by the Jeffersonville Board of Public Works and programmatic oversight will be provided by JHTF.

Timeline and Key Milestones (The following dates are tentative.) Release of RFP – October 15, 2013.  Deadline for proposals to be submitted – November 18, 2013.  Proposal award December 18, 2013.  Study completion date – February 28, 2015.

Scope of Work
The selected consultant will be responsible for providing the following services in connection with the development of the ten year strategic plan:
•Develop a comprehensive overview of who is homeless (inclusive of all homeless subpopulations, e.g. people experiencing chronic homelessness, veterans, families with children and unaccompanied youth);
•Identify resources currently existing within our community;
•Conduct analysis of trends in homeless populations within the past five years and expected changes in homeless populations; and,
•Identify attitudes and behaviors within the community that positively and negatively impact the provision of services to exiting homeless persons, as well as persons who may be on the brink of homelessness

Public Involvement
Organize and convene key stakeholders, e.g. service providers, residents, homeless and formerly homeless individuals and governing entities, to participate in the strategic planning process.

Strategic Plan Development
Incorporating the information obtained from the Analysis and Public Involvement phases of the process (described above), develop a ten year strategic plan that includes, but is not limited to, the following:
•Goals and key milestones to end homelessness within the next ten years, including activities targeted to homeless subpopulations;
•Existing and expected funding opportunities for provision of services to the homeless;
•Analysis of private contribution opportunities; and,
•Plan for community education around homelessness prevention and intervention.
Proposal Content Proposals should include the following, at a minimum:
•Applicant information, including contact information;
•Statement of Qualifications;
•Examples of similar projects and/or studies completed;
•Three professional references who can attest to your ability to complete the scope of work;
•Statement acknowledging your ability to complete the scope of work;
•A brief outline of how you would conduct your study, including any potential barriers to work completion; and,
•Itemized costing for work completion. 

Proposal Submission and Scoring Proposals should be submitted both electronically and in hard copy no later November 18, 2013 by 4:00pm (local time).  Proposals should be submitted in either .DOC or .PDF format

Proposals should be submitted electronically to beth.keeney@lifespringhealthsystems.org and with 8 hard copies to the following address:
Jeffersonville Homelessness Task Force c/o Beth Keeney, MBA LifeSpring Health Systems 460 Spring Street Jeffersonville, IN  47130
Interviews will be conducted with applicants, as deemed appropriate by the JHTF.  It is anticipated one proposal will be accepted with consideration to available funds and ability of the applicant to meet the requested scope of work within the allowed timeframe.  The JHTF has ultimate decision making responsibility with this process.
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