Construction Standards

The Jeffersonville Sanitary Sewer Board has adopted new standards for the design and construction of sanitary sewers and laterals within the City of Jeffersonville. The Wastewater Department and the City Engineer are responsible for making sure that all future projects and connection comply with the new requirements.

If you have any questions or comments regarding the Standards, please contact either of the following individuals.
Len Ashack at 812/280-3880 or
Andy Crouch at 502/552-8833 or

Revised Construction Standards

AutoCAD available upon request at City Engineer’s Office.

Lateral Maintenance

The Wastewater Department through the Sanitary Sewer Board has developed the following documents which deals with the installation and maintenance of sewer laterals ( the sewer line which runs from the house to the main sewer usually in the street). In addition, if a homeowner would like the City to install a backflow preventer (a device which prevents sewage from entering a building in case there is a problem which the sewer main) there is an installation agreement which can be signed that will allow the Department staff to install the backflow preventer. Property owners can have the backflow preventer installed by a plumbing contractor of their choice.

Lateral Maintenance

Sewer billing has a new form to fill out when you connect to sewers. The Fees Release and Hold Harmless form must be signed and you must arrange payments with the swere billing office at City Hall. For a copy of this form, go to the sewer billing office at Suite 104, City Hall, 500 Quartermaster Court.

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