Have you ever been traveling through our fair City and spotted a street sign askew, a sagging power line, a stray dog in the roadway, a crack in a sidewalk, or noticed a pothole and thought, “I wonder if someone’s going to take care of this?” but didn’t have a clue who to call to report the issue?  There’s an app for that!  The City of Jeffersonville’s “YourGOV” application which can be found on the front page of the City’s website and through your smartphone’s app store (search for YourGOV) and it allows you to report these matters directly to the appropriate City department.

Cindy Seifert, who administers the program through the City’s Wastewater Department says, “This is my baby.  It’s amazing how when you get in contact with the right people – how quickly things can get done!”  The YourGOV app stemmed from an asset management program which allows the City to monitor everything from when a particular sewer line was last replaced to when a City vehicle had its last oil change.  The YourGOV app has been in place since November 2011, and Cindy says about 200 citizen-reported issues have been resolved during that time.  But that number could be higher, and Cindy wants to get the word out to more citizens about this useful resource.YourGovapp

Here’s how it works: Click on the YourGOV icon on the right side of the City’s website.  You’ll be asked to install Silverlight.  Once you do a login screen will appear.  You’ll need to create a profile by providing your name, address, email, etc. and you’ll receive an email confirmation with your login credentials.  Once you login,  you’ll see a map of the City on the “my requests” page.  This page displays the requests you’ve submitted to the site, and in the upper right corner, you can select “all requests” to display all requests still active, or that have been completed within two months.  To add a new request, simply click on the “+ add request” button on the top left corner!  There are two ways to select the location of the issue: (1) Type the address, which must consist of an address number and street in the address field, and then select locate.  The map will reposition, placing a pin on or near the location.  (2) On the small map within the “Add Request” screen, you can move the map and zoom-in to place the pin in a specific location.  Once the location is set, select an issue from the dropdown list, select the date observed from the calendar and enter specific details (if necessary).  Finally, type the Captcha characters into the field and click Submit.  Once City personnel have reviewed your request, there will be a City response added to the issue.  You can log back in to monitor the response to your issue, as well as other issues brought to the City’s attention.  The mobile app works in essentially the same way, but it also allows you to submit a photo with your request.     (Click HERE for more detailed instructions with screenshots of each step.  Click HERE for the list of issues the app manages.)

“The City of Jeffersonville’s YourGOV app is a wonderful asset for both our citizens and our government.  It allows communication to flow freely in both directions so our City can be more responsive to our citizens’ needs, and for our citizens to know that their concerns are being addressed in real time, ” said Jeffersonville Mayor Mike Moore.

“It’s great for our citizens to have direct contact with us, and even better that we’re able to respond quickly,” said Seifert.

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