Over the next year, the Planning and Zoning Department will be working on the first full update to the Zoning Ordinance and the Subdivision Control Ordinance in more than 20 years. We want your feedback. Over the next 10 weeks we’re going to pose a series of questions, one per week. We appreciate your feedback. Type in your email address and we will send you the results. Your feedback will help provide us direction for our revisions. For more information, see below.

One way to help revitalize the aging 10th St. commercial corridor – Between 1-65 and Allison Ln. would be allow some older commercial properties to be redeveloped as residential developments such as apartments, townhomes, and the like. This helps local businesses by putting more potential customers around the corner from them. In many places, it may also provide a nicer transition between high intensity commercial developments and existing neighborhoods.

City of Jeffersonville to Create Uniform Development Ordinance 

The City of Jeffersonville is embarking on an effort to update it’s 20-year old Zoning Code and in doing so incorporate its 22-year old Subdivision Control Ordinance into one Uniform Development Ordinance (UDO). While a number of changes have been made to these existing documents over the years, these minor changes have not kept pace with the major changes we’ve seen in our City and the big shifts we’ve seen in the development patterns that shape our community in the last 20 years. Therefore it is time for an Update. Over the next year, the Planning Department will be engaged in pulling these two documents together, reorganizing and modifying the document to meet the City’s needs in the coming decade.


Planning Staff will be leading the effort to create the new UDO. This effort will involve reviewing other local zoning ordinances, meeting with City leaders and stakeholders, putting out a public survey, and drafting the document over the remainder of 2020. Staff plans to present this draft document to the public in January or February of 2021. Staff will then take comments and concerns into consideration and prepare a final draft. This final draft will be presented to Plan Commission and then sent to City Council for Approval. Following Approval, Staff will bring forth any zoning map changes that may be necessary.

Issues to be Addressed

The following are some of the issues that we hope to address:

  • Updating regulations for new subdivisions that have not been changed since 1998
  • Creating more flexibility for commercial redevelopment in older parts of the City (Tenth Street Corridor, Allison and Middle, Claysburg area, etc.)
  • Establishing design guidelines for commercial, multi-family residential and mixed-use developments in the Downtown
  • Reducing the number of overlapping overlay districts
  • Reducing the number of repetitive variance requests handled by the department
  • Addressing internal processes that have changed since 2001 but aren’t adequately reflected in the Code
  • Revising small portions of the zoning map, mostly in the older portions of the city, to better reflect desired development outcomes.

What this means for you

For most people who live and/or own property in the City, this zoning code update will have little impact. Our intent with this update is to create a newly formatted document that is not a radical shift from the current one. While the document will be edited and reorganized for ease of use, for the most part, it will look and act much like the current document. For example, the standards that govern existing single-family residential lots throughout most of the City will not change much. There will be very few changes to industrial and agricultural zone districts as well. We will continue to ensure that adequate protections and buffers remain between existing single-family residential uses and other more intense commercial, industrial and large multi-family residential developments.

That said, there will be some areas of the City where some significant changes and even some rezonings may occur. Where zoning changes may occur, we will make every effort to alert property owners in those areas before changes are made and create allowances to opt out of the proposed changes if so desired.

All in all, we hope that the new UDO will result in better development outcomes throughout the City while protecting the quality of life we have come to expect in Jeffersonville.

Please stay tuned. . .