How do I start a business in the City? 

If you are opening a new business, relocating an existing business, or starting a home-based business in the City of Jeffersonville, you will need to submit a Certificate of Zoning Compliance to the Department of Planning & Zoning for review and approval. There is a $50 fee associated with this Certificate. The application form can be found at under “Miscellaneous Applications.” The certificate serves as proof that your location is properly zoned for your business.  

The Certificate is good for as long as you operate your business in the location stated in the application: No additional City-issued business licenses are required. 

Further Resources: 

Home-Based Businesses: The rules and regulations for home-based businesses can be found here: opens in a new windowHome Occupationopens PDF file . Generally speaking businesses that fall under the Home Occupation 1 category are allowed in all residentially zoned areas; businesses that fall into Home Occupation 2 category need a special exception from the Board of Zoning Appeals. Home-based day care is allowed in any zone district that allows for residential use.  

Note: These rules do not apply to use of part of your home as an office for a business physically located elsewhere.  

Mobile Vendors/Food Trucks/Seasonal Sales/Door to Door Sales: These businesses have special rules and require a permit and background check from the Department of Planning and Zoning. The application form can be found at under “Miscellaneous Applications.” 

Building a new building? Here’s a link to a summary guide to building a new building in Jeffersonville: opens in a new windowBuilding and Development Summaryopens PDF file

Additional Links: 

Business incentives: The Department of Economic and Redevelopment: may have incentives for new businesses.

Their page also has links to additional local resources.  

Health Department: The Clark County Health Department regulates certain types of businesses especially those that handle food. 

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