Lisa Gill, Clerk

Jeffersonville City Clerk

Lisa Gill

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Meet your Clerk

Lisa is in her first term as Jeffersonville’s City Clerk. She formally served 2 terms on City Council representing District 5 with serving three years as Council President. She has served on numerous boards during her eight years on City Council including Drainage, Planning and Zoning, Solid Waste, Carnegie Library, Board of Public Works, Clark County 9-1-1, and One Southern Indiana Economic Development Council. Lisa is a member with Indiana League of Municipal Clerks and Treasurers (ILMCT).

(Jeffersonville became a Class 2 City in January 2012)

City Clerk Office Staff

Patsy Kiser, Deputy
Phone: (812) 285-6427
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Kathy Moreland, Administration Assistant and Violation Clerk
Phone: (812) 285-3258
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Angie Morrow, Ordinance Violations Bureau Clerk
Phone: (812) 285-6437
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Contact Us

Address: Suite 156, City Hall, 500 Quartermaster Court

Phone:  812-285-6427

Quick Links

Regular Office Hours are: 

Monday – Friday: 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.

Traffic/Ordinance Violations Hours are:
Monday – Friday: 8:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m.

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Besides the Statutory Duties as City Clerk prescribed in IC 36-4-10 (below), as your City Clerk I also do the following responsibilities not my staff:

  1. Prepare the Agenda and Packets for the Common Council
  2. Check all Ordinances and Resolutions
  3. Responsible for City’s Traffic/Ordinance Violation Bureau
  4. Attend Board of Public Works and Finance Committee Meetings and prepares minutes for approval
  5. Submit claims in the Common Council Budget for Property and Casualty premiums and claims, Health Insurance premiums.
  6. Submit claims for the Police and Fire Merit Commissions
  7. Research ordinances, resolutions, minutes in historical books
  8. Accept closed BIDS for Departments throughout the City for Purchasing of Equipment, Buildings and Sites, Paving etc.
  9. Plan and direct the maintenance, filing, safekeeping and computerization of all municipal documents
  10. Record/Video Council meetings, upload on Facebook and Youtube
  11. Administer Oaths
  12. Serve as Notary of the Public at no charge
  13. Perform Marriages
  14. Maintain the City Council and Clerk Web pages

IC 36-4-10-2
City Clerk or City Clerk-Treasurer; Election; Fiscal Officer; Term of Office; Immunity

IC 36-4-10-4 Clerk; duties
Sec. 4. The clerk shall do the following:

  1. Serve as clerk of the city legislative body under IC 36-4-6-9 and maintain custody of its records.
  2. Maintain all records required by law.
  3. Keep the city seal.
  4. As soon as a successor is elected and qualified, deliver to the successor all the records and property of the clerk’s office.
  5. Perform other duties prescribed by law.
  6. Administer oaths when necessary in the discharge of the clerk’s duties, without charging a fee.
  7. Take depositions, without charging a fee.
  8. Take acknowledgement of instruments that are required by statute to be acknowledged, without charging a fee.
  9. Serve as clerk of the city court under IC 33-35-3-2, if the judge of the court does not serve as clerk of the court or appoint a clerk of the court under IC 33-35-3-1.

As added by Acts 1980, P.L.212, SEC.3. Amended by P.L.36-1986, SEC.3; P.L.189-1988, SEC.1; P.L.33-1998, SEC.9; P.L.98-2004, SEC.160

You are able to watch previous City Council Meetings on our YouTube account.

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