Public Works Department

The Board of Public Works and Safety (BPW) has broad statutory authority for the operation of the City. The BPW is responsible for overseeing public safety, streets, sanitation and transportation including street closures and management of right-of-way. In addition, the BPW, as the city’s purchasing agency, approves all contractual agreements in which the City enters.

The BPW meets at 9:30 a.m. each Wednesday in the Mayor’s Conference Room located on the 2nd floor at City Hall (Suite 251). Items of business to be placed on the BPW agenda must be in the Law Department (Suite 250) by Noon on the Friday prior to the Board meeting. Agenda items will only be accepted from the public for items that fall under the jurisdiction of the BPW and require Board approval. The public is required to complete and submit the Agenda Request Form. opens in a new windowClick Hereopens PDF file to access this form.

Cities with a population of at least 35,000 and up to 600,000 at time of designation, and have a nine-member city council and an elected clerk, such as Jeffersonville, are designated second class cities and are required by state law to have a BPW. The mayor is a member of the Board, and he appoints to other persons to serve with him. The fire chief, police chief and city engineer, who are appointed by the mayor, also work in conjunction with the members of the BPW.

If you have an agenda item, please contact Johnna Anderson.

Johnna S. Anderson, Paralegal, Dept. of Law | Email:

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