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The City of Jeffersonville has recently moved to an online application and permitting system. Free accounts can be set up and all permits and applications can now be filed and paid for online by visiting the  opens in a new windowonline permitting site.

Frequently Asked Questions

Monday – Friday: 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.


A permit gives you legal permission to start construction or renovations on a home or commercial building in accordance with approved plans. The permitting system is required under state code and local ordinance.

In broad terms, permits are required to (1) construct, enlarge or remodel a building or home; (2) to install, alter, repair, remove, convert or replace any electrical, gas, heating and air or plumbing system; and (3) to demolish commercial or residential properties and/or accessory structures.

We accept Visa and Mastercard as well as cash and check payments for permits and licenses. Payment must be made in full at the time permits and licenses are issued. Please note, credit card transactions are subject to a 2.95% convenience fee from the processing company.

You can view the fees for specific permits by using the links below. If you are unsure how to calculate the fee for your project, please call the Building Commission office prior to mailing payment. 

All contractors performing work in the city of Jeffersonville are required to be licensed in the city and insured. Licenses are required for general contractors, plumbers, heating and air technicians, electricians and stormwater inspectors. Each field has specific qualifications and fees associated with licensing. All licenses expire annually on December 31.

Testing requirements for licensing

Contractors applying for licenses with the city of Jeffersonville will be required to provide proof of successfully completing the required exam.


  • Swimming pools: A quick guide
  • Pool Tools: Safety guidelines and permit application

Any property owner residing in the Oak Park Conservancy District must get approval from OPCD officials PRIOR TO obtaining a permit for any building project in the City of Jeffersonville. This includes fences, sheds, swimming pools, garages and new residences or additions to existing residences.

All residents of the Oak Park Conservancy District who are applying for a building permit in the City of Jeffersonville will be required to present a copy of the
pre-approval form signed by an Oak Park representative.

Print out the pre-approval formopens PDF file

Oak Park Conservancy District offices are located at 4230 Portage Place in Jeffersonville. If you have questions about pre-approval for your building project, please contact the Oak Park Conservancy District at  812-283-3960.

For directions or additional information, you can also visit the Oak Park Conservancy District web site.

New developments in the City of Jeffersonville require approval and consultation from several City departments. Before you begin your project, make sure you have followed all the necessary steps. You can view or download our Building & Development brochure – complete with a chronological

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The Building Commissioner’s Office operates under the authority granted to cities to regulate public safety under Indiana Code 36-4-9.

The Building Commission operates under the principles established by organizations such as the International Code Council and the National Fire Protection Association. The department inspects buildings for the purpose of enforcing state building regulations, including those found in IC 22-11, 22-12, 22-13, 22-14 and 22-15, and federal guidelines established by the United States Access Board. The Building Commissioner’s Office also oversees the city’s Code Enforcement division.

Plans for building and/or renovation projects in the city’s historic district must receive approval from the city’s Historic Preservation Commission. This applies to commercial and residential projects. The Commission requires applicants to submit a Certificate of Appropriateness outlining proposed construction and alterations in order to begin its review process.

Larry Wallace

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Larry Wallace

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