Welcome to Jeffersonville DORA

Why is DORA important to Jeffersonville?

In Indiana, DORAs allow individuals who are at least twenty one (21) years old to purchase alcoholic beverages from approved vendors and retail establishments and carry them outside to be consumed within the DORA boundaries. 

Why is DORA coming to Jeffersonville?

The City of Jeffersonville, under the leadership of Mayor Mike Moore, strives to attract development while preserving our city’s unique small town charm.

Downtown Jeffersonville is pivotal in that endeavor, generating substantial revenue and cultural vibrancy. Investments in infrastructure, arts, and entertainment, notably through the Big Four Pedestrian Bridge, have enhanced the area. Continuing to attract visitors to downtown is one way to continue that revitalization. The Jeffersonville Designated Outdoor Refreshment Area (DORA) is an engine to boost businesses, pedestrian activity, and overall investment.

Where are the DORA boundaries?

The Designated Refreshment Area is shown on the map. It includes parts of Indiana Ave., W. 9th St., W. 7th St., Ohio Ave., W. Court Ave., Mulberry St., the Ohio River-side of the Floodwall, and areas near the Highway 31 (2nd Street) Bridge. It also covers parts of Wall Street, Spring Street, and E. 9th St., but excludes residential properties.

Useful Links, Applications, and Information for DORA

The City will provide a start-up kit to each DORA Vendor. This kit will include DORA window cling and 1000 DORA cup stickers. The kits can be obtained from the Department of Planning and Zoning upon presentation of the DORA permittee approval letter from the State.

What are the rules and expectations for being in a DORA District?

For additional DORA information please review opens in a new windowOrdinance 2023-OR-72opens PDF file or contact the Planning and Zoning Department at 812-285-6413.opens phone dialer

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