COVID-19 Restaurant Relief

In an effort to help downtown businesses and restaurants comply with social distancing guidelines as a result of COVID-19, Jeffersonville Mayor Mike Moore today announced that parts of Spring Street will be open exclusively to pedestrians this Friday, November 6th and Saturday, November 7th from 6 p.m. – 11 p.m.

“This is a way to create more walking space in a busy part of our downtown,” said Moore. “Pedestrians will have full use of the sidewalk and street. We also will give restaurants the opportunity to have more tables that can be properly distanced. We want people to enjoy our downtown at a safe, social distance.”

The city will restrict vehicular traffic and parking except emergency vehicles in two blocks on Spring Street – from Market to Chestnut streets and from Chestnut to Maple streets.  The city will also be providing additional tables and seating in those blocks.

“This pedestrian zone will provide a safe and inviting atmosphere for residents and visitors to enjoy what our downtown has to offer,” said Councilperson Dustin White. “During these challenging times, getting creative by allowing restaurants to expand their outdoor seating so people can dine and unwind.”

“We think this initiative is a great opportunity to highlight our downtown restaurants while offering a safe, socially distanced space,” said Jeffersonville Main Street Executive Director Jay Ellis. “I love that our city is always looking for unique and supportive solutions for our local businesses through these challenging times.”

“We want to help our downtown businesses succeed during the pandemic while still keeping their customers safe,” said Moore. “After speaking with several of them, we realized that providing more room for pedestrians is a great way to make that happen. We’ll see how it goes this weekend and then decide if it’s something we should do again or even expand it.”

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