In an effort to retain existing employees while attracting new ones, the City of Jeffersonville Board of Public Works and Safety today approved new benefits for full-time city employees.

Among the additional benefits are additional paid holidays per year, more vacation days based upon the years of employment, paid parental leave, short-term disability and additional funding towards retirement.

“The City of Jeffersonville isn’t much different than other employers who are facing a shrinking labor force.  The pandemic has created a very competitive job market,” said Mayor Mike Moore. “We have some of the greatest employees who come to work every day for the people of Jeffersonville.  We are doing everything we can to make sure we keep them.”

Moore complimented the City Council and Department of Human Resources for their hard work in helping make the improvements happen.  Last week, the City Council approved next year’s budget that funds for the first time – paid parental leave, short-term disability and matching contribution toward deferred compensation.

“Without the Council’s support, we couldn’t offer many of the benefits that keeps us competitive,” said Moore. “The Council realizes that if we are going to hire and retain quality people, we needed to realize that COVID has changed the landscape.”

Moore also noted that the City’s excellent fiscal health is another reason more employee benefits are possible.

“We’re very fortunate. We’ve done a very good job of managing our finances over the last several years that’s given us more money to compensate our employees,” said Moore. “The Council along with Controller Heather Metcalf played a huge role in making Jeffersonville fiscally sound without raising taxes.”

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