Five years ago, City staff joined the Jeffersonville Urban Enterprise Association to plant 10 trees along the west side of the 200 block of Locust Street. This planting kicked off a two-year planting project of over 100 new trees that now comprise the Jeffersonville Tree Walk. Today these trees are beginning provide some nice shade for the adjacent sidewalk and are well on their way to becoming a mature part of the urban tree canopy in Downtown Jeffersonville.

The Tree Walk is a 1.5 mile walking loop that starts and ends at the base of the Big Four Bridge. Signs guide pedestrians around the loop and help identify the 140 young trees that line the walk. There are more than 70 species of trees along the tree walk representing the amazing diversity of trees that are native to or well suited for growing in Southern Indiana.

Currently some portions of the tree walk are under construction due to the Jeff Digs project, but Planning Staff continues to monitor the health of the existing trees and will be replanting areas impacted by the construction in the coming year. We also intend to re-label all the trees next spring as we get closer to wrapping up construction. Until then, the link below can provide you with a guide to the trees along the walk.

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