Thanks to a $12 million contribution from the River Ridge Development Authority, the City of Jeffersonville is another step closer to being able to proceed with plans to expand its north wastewater treatment plant.

The Jeffersonville Sewer Board voted to adopt an agreement with River Ridge for the funding at its Thursday meeting. The River Ridge Development Authority will now have to vote to accept the agreement at its meeting next week to make it official. 

“I’d like to thank Jerry Acy and the River Ridge Board for their support,” Mayor Mike Moore said. “After several months of negotiating, we have reached a fair balance. Everyone wins under the terms of the agreement we have accepted, but especially the sewer rate payers in Jeffersonville.”

“This is another example of what can get done when there’s cooperation,” Moore added. “We worked to find a way for the users in River Ridge to pay for part of the expansion at the north plant instead of passing that burden on to Jeffersonville residents. River Ridge is important to Jeffersonville, but Jeff is also important to River Ridge. These kinds of partnerships make us all stronger.” 

The expansion will increase capacity at the city’s treatment facility by up to as much as 9 million gallons per day – a move that is necessary to accommodate current and future users inside River Ridge and allow for continued development.

Moore said in addition to the $12 million contribution from River Ridge, the city is also seeking $20 million in funding from the state to help with the project. 

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