Gov. Eric Holcomb just announced $65 million in trails grants for communities across Indiana and the City of Jeffersonville is thrilled to be one of 38 selected.

The City has been approved for a Next Level Trails grant in the amount of $2,359,832. This money will be put towards finishing Jeffersonville’s portion of the Ohio River Greenway near Upland Brewery. 

The new section will start where the current greenway ends. It will extend approximately 1,900 linear feet, passing the old Rocky’s river frontage on the east side of the Clark Memorial Bridge. You will then be able to access the greenway in Clarksville from Riverside Drive. 

“The Ohio River Greenway is more than just a scenic trail along the river,” Mayor Mike Moore said. “It’s a connection between communities. I’m thrilled the state recognizes our commitment to outdoor living. This is a monumental victory for Jeffersonville.”

Jeffersonville Grants Administrator DeLynn Rutherford says without this money the project would not be possible. 

“We are beyond thrilled to receive this grant,” Rutherford said. “It is a great feeling being part of all the wonderful things we are doing in Jeffersonville to make it an even better place to live and play.”

The Ohio River Greenway is currently a 7.5 path that connects Jeffersonville to Clarksville and New Albany. 

The tentative timeline is to complete the project by the end of 2023. 

To read more about the state’s grant, click here:

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  1. Adrian M Ellis says:

    Great Idea Can You Tell Me Where The City Can Make Profit Off This Project

  2. […] focused on quality of life in his address. He touted projects including a $2.3 million Next Level Trails grant to complete the city’s portion of the Ohio River Greenway, and an upcoming walking trail […]

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