The future of the former Jeffboat property is one step closer to becoming a reality after a second public meeting this week. 

OHM Advisors (Orchard, Hiltz & McCliment, Inc.) presented two concepts to show the potential of the riverfront property including an amphitheater, observation tower, marina, restaurants, residential, office space and more.

The purpose of the meeting was to answer any questions and gain feedback from these initial designs. 

Mayor Mike Moore attended the meeting and was pleased to see so many get involved. 

“Gaining public input has been invaluable to this process,” Moore said. “Looking forward to what comes next.”

Click here to download the former Jeffboat Conceptsopens PDF file


Click here to download the Challenges and Opportunitiesopens PDF file




2 Replies to “Two concepts unveiled for former Jeffboat property”

  1. Katie says:

    Please no high buildings or apartments (the last thing Jeffersonville needs is more apartments or homes stacked on top of each other). Plus homes and offices will only benefit few while shops, restaurants, and parks can be enjoyed by all. Tall buildings will take away the skyline/river front view from the Indiana side and the beautiful area you’re creating will only be half as amazing. Please make it appealing from all sides and don’t block out the view.

    • Deanna l says:

      No high rise buildings for businesses. Parks for walking trails with pets and children, would be great for the city, as long as the city can keep out drug addicts, drunks and the rift rats out. Lots of patrols to keep it safe for all. teens under age 18 or
      Teen punks kept out unless with guardians of parents. Dogs on leash and clean up poop or face fines. Hire and train resident to patrol. Everyone in patrol must have correct I D’s and checked entering park, may be a hefty fee to enter park and with Arm band if leave park and to re enter it only one time and, or a yearly membership for indiana residents only. out of state large entrance fee. Louisville Kentucky have their own river side park.

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