Public Records

It is the goal of the City of Jeffersonville and its departments to comply with the provisions of Indiana Code 5-14-3 (Access to Public Records Act) for the City’s public records. In an effort to ensure compliance with the Code and to promote full access to the City’s public records, the City of Jeffersonville has adopted a Public Records Policy. This policy covers the Office of Mayor along with its departments and/or Boards and Commissions. Please be advised this policy does not apply to requests made to the City Clerk or the City Court. If you are seeking documents from either the City Clerk or the City Court, you should contact those offices directly.

As part of the policy, the City has developed an Access to Public Records request form. This is an OPTIONAL form that the public can use when seeking disclosure of public records. It can also be completed online, then printed and either mailed or faxed to us — or you can scan it and send it by email.

Copies of both the Access to Public Records Policy and the public records request form are attached and available at each City department.

The Indiana Public Access Counselor’s site provides advice and assistance concerning Indiana’s public access laws to members of the public and government officials and their employees.

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