The Jeffersonville Redevelopment Commission recently approved a project that will add street lights along Chestnut Street in downtown Jeffersonville.

The City plans to install 53 ornamental street lights along Chestnut Street from Spring Street to Graham Street, prior to the final completion of the JeffDigs project.

“With the reconstruction of Chestnut Street due to the EPA mandate, we are taking the opportunity of installing old fashion lamp post lighting from Spring Street to Graham Street,” Mayor Mike Moore said. “I’m excited to make an already beautiful historic street even more charming.”

These will be LED lights, with black poles and “acorn” style fixtures on the top. Similar to the one pictured below. The project is funded with TIF revenues collected from businesses.

One Reply to “Decorative street lighting planned for Chestnut Street”

  1. Jim Pasierbowicz says:

    These are really nice, but the 700 block of East Chestnut St needs a few more, like the blocks before and after it. It is still an extremely dark area and a couple more of these lights would help tremendously. Can you please look into this?

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