An old county road is set to get a major overhaul in an effort to accommodate residential growth.

Mayor Mike Moore urged members of the Jeffersonville Redevelopment Commission to widen and pave Shungate Road at the Wednesday night meeting.

Shungate Road runs parallel to Highway 62 and the narrow roadway has increasingly become the path for much of the new development around Salem-Noble Road.

City Council President Matt Owen voiced his support for the project.

“We will continue to improve our infrastructure for the families of Jeff,” Owen said. “This work is needed and necessary.”

The mile-and-a-half stretch currently varies between 16-18 feet wide and once complete, the entire stretch will become 20 feet wide.

“The growth of business and homeowners in the city’s east end dictates the need for continued improvements for our community,” Redevelopment President Scott Hawkins said.

The project is set to begin in October and be completed this fall.

“With the Charlestown Pike project set for construction and upgrades next spring, we want to make sure the alternative routes are suited to handle the traffic flow,” Mayor Mike Moore said.

One Reply to “Shungate Road approved for widening and paving”

  1. Roger Watts says:

    Will they open the road that runs between Hucks and KFC (Kerry Ann Way I believe ) so that it ties into Shungate ?? That seems like it would also provide some extra relief for traffic from Salem noble and Utica Sellersburg rd.
    It is already set up for it while they are there ?????

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