The City’s Long-Range Planning Division is responsible for creating plans, drafting policy and coordinating the implementation of civic projects that relate to the City’s vision of the future. This vision is set forth in the Comprehensive Plan based on the observation of trends in employment, population, housing, local culture and other metrics.  The primary goal of long-range planning is to enhance the quality of life for all residents and ensure an efficient use of City resources.

Existing Plans

2035 Comprehensive Plan

Bike and Pedestrian Plan

New Planning Effort Now Underway


Spring Street Master Plan

The City of Jeffersonville’s Spring Street Master Plan has been approved by the City Council. This project will create a unified design for the 1.5 mile portion of Spring Street from the Ohio River to Eastern Blvd.  Improvements in the corridor will help to better support existing businesses and encourage redevelopment in the areas north of Court Avenue. The Master Plan can be accessed here: Spring Street Master Plan






Employment and Housing Forecast

The City of Jeffersonville is poised for significant job and housing growth over the next several years. Specifically we have the potential to see over 17,000 new jobs in Jeffersonville over the next five years. Additional jobs will come online as full build-out of River Ridge continues to occur. Based on existing and projected future trends this job growth can be expected to generate demand for nearly 4,700 new housing units.

If the City continues to develop in the same manner that we are developing today, we will not be able to fully accommodate the demand for 4,700 new housing units and we will run out of land. Changes in zoning and development policy, including removing barriers to residential building in Downtown Jeffersonville (as recommended in the City’s Comprehensive Plan), increasing maximum densities for multi-family projects and reducing the quantity of large lot subdivisions will help free up additional land for development of churches, schools, libraries, municipal services, etc. and/or allow for future residential development due to future growth forecasted from River Ridge at full-build out. Click on the link to read the report: Employment and Housing Forecast



Jeffersonville Tree Walk

In 2012 the City of Jeffersonville’s Urban Enterprise Zone (UEZ) drafted plans to create a 1.5-mile long, tree-lined, walking route in and around Downtown Jeffersonville. This plan for the “Jeffersonville Tree Walk” is intended for the following purposes:

  • To provide needed shade for pedestrians walking to and from downtown amenities,
  • To beautify the neighborhood with additional trees,
  • To create a marked, walking route that local residents can use for low-impact exercise,
  • To help improve air quality and reduce stormwater runoff in the area, and
  • To provide a unique opportunity for residents, students and other visitors to learn about the large variety of trees suitable for planting in Southern Indiana.

In the fall of 2016, the UEZ teamed up with the City of Jeffersonville’s Department of Planning and Zoning and Parks Department to begin implementation of this plan. On October 14, 2016, the three groups broke ground on the project with the planting of ten trees in the right-of-way along Locust St. between Chestnut and Market. This spring, the groups are came together to plant over 60 more trees along the designated route.  Full buildout is expected in 2018.

An online map of the Jeffersonville Tree Walk can be found here:  Tree Walk Interactive Map